Bout du Monde (End of the World) is a quartet consisting of Robert Mollee, Joris Nederpelt Lazarom, Rob IJsendijk and Richard Lems. Four musicians with a respectable track record. They know each other from various formations and have played a lot together in various other combinations. They could also be heard annually at the previous editions of Red Light Jazz. But Bout du Monde is their own project as a quartet. The first album called Hirondelle was released in May 2020 and mainly contains pieces by Steve Swallow. The second album is in the works and will mainly contain pieces by Bob Reynolds. At Red Light Jazz 2021, Bout du Monde will perform music from both albums.

Line up

  • Robert Mollee
  • Sax
  • Joris Nederpelt Lazarom
  • Piano
  • Rob IJsendijk
  • Bass
  • Richard Lems
  • Drums

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