Rob IJsendijk

Rob IJsendijk (1953) has worked as a lawyer since 1987. Together with three partners, he founded the FORT Law firm in 2001. Rob has a broad experience in town and country planning law, including building permits and development plans, and in the field of catering and related permits.

Rob is also a lead specialist in the field of the Public Administration Property Screening Act (Wet Bibob), in which area he has established an excellent reputation. The municipality of Amsterdam makes comprehensive use of that Act, including for the “cleaning up” of the Red Light District.

Naast het voeren van zijn praktijk geeft Rob colleges bestuurs(proces)recht aan de Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten. Hiernaast publiceert hij regelmatig over onderwerpen die het bestuursrecht aangaan. Ook is Rob actief als voorzitter van de Stichting Vondelpark Openluchttheater en is hij bestuurslid van het Internationaal Danstheater.

Rob has a great deal of experience in conducting Bibob proceedings. In 2011 he prevented the closing of jazzcafé the Cotton Club. Rob promotes the interests of many business owners, but also assists and advises clients in other areas of administrative law, such as environmental proceedings, traffic, damages and expropriation.

Rob is a board member of several cultural institutions, including the Vondelpark Openlucht Theater foundation and the Amsterdam Fringe Festival, and is involved in local politics as a board member of the local party Red Amsterdam. Rob is also a jazz enthusiast, playing the bass in various bands.

Red Light Jazz ambassadeur - Rob Ijsendijk