At the Red Light Jazz festival 2019 Deborah Carter and Zandscape play: “Daytripper”, a concert with jazz adaptations of Beatles compositions.

Deborah J. Carter, known for her dynamic and warm stage personality, was born in the U.S.A. and grew up in Hawaii and Japan. She gives concerts all over the world including Japan, China, Brazil, Spain, Venezuela, Colombia, Indie and Turkey. She travels with her own band, or as a guest artist with various formations ranging from solo pianist to orchestra. Deborah has also toured the Dutch theatres in recent years with the New York Round Midnight programme. Deborah Carter currently teaches in jazz vocals at the Conservatorium Musikene in San Sebastian, Spain.


“Daytripper” is an impressive showcase for Deborah J. Carter and her band to spread their skills in transforming the most famous compositions into something new that you have never heard before.

Dirk Binsau Jazz-Not-Jazz (D)

You have to have the guts and qualities of a jazz singer like Deborah J. Carter to go with funky groovy and smoothly swinging versions across the Beatles. Fixing a Hole, Oh Darling, Daytripper, I Will, Here, There and Everywhere, and Yesterday are inventively transformed by Carter into new pieces in her own style. Pure Jazz with scat vocals and extra attention to the lyrics.

Hans Invernizzi

Line Up

  • Deborah Carter
  • Vocals
  • Mark Zandveld
  • Bass
  • Gunner Graafmans
  • Vibraphone
  • Jeen Rabs
  • Guitar
  • Jurjen Bakker
  • Drums

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