Uptown Collective is the perfect mix between a live performance and a DJ.The combination of a professional DJ and one or more energetic live musicians brings the best of both worlds together.

The DJ and live musicians know to play practically all types of music styles. Uptown Collective will be a beautiful combination of our all-round DJ Miss Browntogether with the mega soulful singer Felipa Fernandez.

Miss Brown is a half Lebanese and Hungarian but born in Amsterdam (Dutch) DJ. A daughter of two artists (musicians, acrobats and singers) that have travelled the world and ended up living in Amsterdam. She realized soon enough that spinning and making music was her thing. So after her study she literally dropt her diploma somewhere and raced to one of her gigs. She’s still going strong with spinning records and making people happy with her music since 2000.

Felipa was born on February 21st 1986, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands to a Danish mother and a Mexican father, Felipa Fernandez (Felipa Josine Fernandez Anderson) grew up in a multicultural and international environment.

Her love of music started at an early age. Her father being a filmmaker and a photographer and her mother a writer, she grew up in a creative home where, from early on, she was exposed to all the arts.

At the age of eight she joined a local children’s theater school where she took classes in dance, music and theater. That’s when she realized that the stage was the place for her.

She went on singing and acting all throughout her youth, and after high school she studied music in Amsterdam.

Currently Felipa lives and works as a singer in Amsterdam. Her work includes singing in various bands as lead singer and backing vocalist. She also works as an improvisational vocalist with DJs and live musicians for events around the country, and she occasionally teaches children’s music and singing workshop’s. However, first and foremost she considers herself a singer/songwriter and has always pursued her dreams and goals as a solo artist.

As the Uptown Collective for Red Light Jazz they will play Loungy, Soulful but Recognizable tracks that will end (or start) your Sunday evening beautifully.

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