The Amsterdam jazz quartet Uncharted Land consists of Terra Lasès (tenor saxophone, vocals), Daniel Hooglandt (piano), Yuri Heiligers (double bass) and Leon Yegenoglu (drums). These young and talented members of the group have been playing in this formation for more than two years.

They know each other from the different big bands of the recently deceased jazz legend Peter (“Jazz is fun, but serious fun”) Guidi. There the foundation was laid for their love of jazz. It brought them to numerous important jazz venues at home and abroad. For example, with the Junior Jazz Unlimited Big Band, they did various gigs in New York, where they attended a workshop in the famous Lincoln Center.

Despite their relatively short existence, Uncharted Land sounds like a matter of course. It sparkles, swings and radiates great vitality. Their playing is sometimes exuberant, at other times modest, but always creative in improvisations. The repertoire includes – in addition to standards – pieces by contemporary jazz composers. Since the foundation, the quartet has been coached by bassist Peter Bjornild, teacher at the Jazz Academy.

Line Up

  • Terra Lasès
  • Tenor sax, zang
  • Daniel Hooglandt
  • Piano
  • Yuri Heiligers
  • Contrabas
  • Leon Yegenoglu
  • Drums

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