Tijs Klaassen is a double bass player and composer who grew up within the Amsterdam jazz scene. During the last four months of 2017, he studied in Philadelphia and New York with greats such as Ron Carter, Ben Street and David Wong. Although all that Tijs learned during his studies in US was of enormous importance to him, it made him realize just how much he values his European roots.

Tijs therefore strives to naturally combine the timbre and concepts of the great European composers from the 20th century with those of modern jazz musicians. This objective led him to form his own quintet with like-minded musicians. The band members were not only brought together because of their excellent playing, but also because all are composers themselves. Each musician therefore approaches the pieces as a performer as well as a co-writer. The end result is a constantly evolving group sound that reflects both European classical music and the energy of the contemporary American jazz scene.

The band members all belong to the new generation of Amsterdam jazz musicians who are very active within the Dutch jazz scene.

Line Up

  • Tijs Klaassen
  • Double bass & compositions
  • Mo van der Does
  • Alto sax
  • Matthias Van den Brande
  • Tenor sax
  • Floris Kappeyne
  • Piano
  • Wouter Kühne
  • Drums

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