Tico Pierhagen (Colombia, 1975) studied piano and performance at the conservatory in Rotterdam and achieved the title of European Media Master of Arts at the University of Portsmouth, England (2001).

In 2008 Tico returned to his native country for the first time, where he was reunited with his biological family. In Colombia Tico comes into contact with SOS children’s villages. The mission of this aid organization directly appeals to Tico, who was adopted himself, and results in a collaboration with SOS Children’s Villages where 50% of the income from future CD sales goes to this charity. In this way Tico shares some of the happiness he has found in the Netherlands with underprivileged children in Colombia.

In 2011 Tico released his first album, mainly recorded in Colombia with an ensemble of renowned Colombian musicians. The album titles Tico y Aguabajo was very well received in Colombia and Europe.

Leven is Bewegen (2016) is a live recording of an intimate duo-concert with the Edison awarded saxophonist Efraïm Trujillo. The album Encendiendo was released in the same year and contains 8 new compositions: a mixture of Colombian Latin jazz and western jazz, funk and classical music.
In 2016 Tico received the prestigious “Fondo Mixto de Cultura” award from the National Ministry of Culture in Colombia, acknowledging his significant contributions to art and culture in this region of the World. His latest album Puro (2019) received wide recognition throughout Europe and South America, and affirms his prowess at fusing these two beautiful, yet disparate art forms.

TICO Y AGUABAJO op het Red Light Jazz festival TICO Y AGUABAJO at the Red Light Jazz 2020.

On Saturday May 30 at the Red Light Jazz festival Tico y Aguabajo will play a “best off” set. The best songs of 3 albums. It will be a concert filled with jazz, funk and cumbia, the melodic expressions of Colombia.

Line up

  • Tico Pierhagen
  • Piano
  • Dave Breidenbach
  • Bass
  • Yoran Vroom
  • Drums
  • Franklin Caesar Breeveld
  • Sax
  • Jeroen Verberne
  • Trombone

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