Subtle, funky and, above all, very musical

A few years ago, Haarlem jazz guitarist Folker Tettero sunk his teeth into the legendary album ‘Swiss Movement’ by the Les McCann Trio (featuring American jazz pianist Les McCann, saxophonist Eddy Harris and trumpet player Benny Bailey). The trio’s acclaimed live album was recorded at the 1969 Montreux Jazz Festival and it was Sound Liaison’s producer Peter Bjørnild who had introduced Tettero to it.

Tettero recognized a number of elements in this music that he had already been working with during his musical career. As a guitarist with his roots in the blues, he was trying to tell a story. Over the years he mixed that with all kinds of other music styles. Tettero did the same with Eddie Harris & Les McCann’s music and lyrics; they were converted to their own style and timbre.

Tettero’s guitar sound, accompanied by the velvet trumpet of Dirk Beets and carried by a grooving rhythm section turned out very well. None of the energy and freedom so characteristic of Harris and McCann’s music was lost on Tettero’s album ‘Tettero plays Eddie Harris & LesMcCann’ that was released in 2019.

Like the Les McCann Trio, Tettero also recorded his album in the presence of an audience, which gave an extra dimension to the ensemble work. Thanks in part to Tettero, the music of Eddie Harris and Les McCann is still very much alive!


  • Folker Tettero
  • Guitar
  • Dirk Beets
  • Trumpet
  • Arto Boyadjian
  • Bass
  • Peter Weissink
  • Drums