Sabrina Starke is a self-made, award winning singer-songwriter, producer, and self-empowerment ambassador residing in Rotterdam.
Sabrina has won a number of prestigious awards for her soul-soothing music, including two Edison Awards (Best Newcomer of 2009 & the Edison Jazzism People’s Choice) and two Radio 6 Awards (Best Album 2013 & Best Song 2015). In less than a decade Sabrina has released 5 albums and a multitude of singles. In 2008 she released her debut album ‘Yellow Brick Road’ and the single ‘Do for Love’. When the famous jazz label Blue Note picked up on it and decided to re-release the album, it stayed on the album charts for 52 consecutive weeks and became certified platinum.

In 2015 Sabrina decided to devote her creative talents and music to inspire and uplift people. With the 10th anniversary of her singing-career, 2018 was a special year for Sabrina. She released her sixth self-written studio-album ‘Underneath the Surface’. In April she released a vinyl version of the album with 3 extra previously unreleased songs. In May 2019 Sabrina continues her UTS tour including a concert at the Red Light Jazz festival. Armed with her guitar and a social consciousness this creative soul will continue to share her talents with the world.

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