Accordionist Eddy Hoorenman is a fan of Johnny Meijer and has copied his style of playing. Drummer Huub Eikenboom is a fan of John Engels and Cesar Zuiderwijk (Golden Earring). He’s got the same sense of swing. The two musicians have been successfully working together for years as the Rembrandt Duo.

Eddy was born in Amsterdam and still lives in the heart of the City. Through the Amsterdam music school, an accordion club and private lessons, Eddy was young when he started playing at parties. At one of his performances he met his idol Johnny Meijer. A good and friendly contact was established. Johnny played once at the San Remo bar when he asked Eddy to replace him. In 1974 is was the first time Eddy played with bassist/singer Manke Nelis.

Huub was born and raised in Maastricht. Becoming a drummer was his childhood dream. Immediately after school he started working in Germany, Belgium and later on the Canary Islands (Spain). In the 1970s Huub decided to continue his career in Amsterdam. There he played in Restaurant Dubois where he met Johnny Jordaan, Aunt Leen, Willy Alberti, Imca Marina and other artists from the Amsterdam music scene. In a club named The Shorts of London, Eddy and Huub formed the Trio Manke Nelis with bassist Manke Melis. They became nationally known with hits such as “Kleine Jodeljongen”, “Laat de hele boel maar waaien” and “Ik zing mijn serenade”. It was the beginning of a unique collaboration.

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