Reinier Voet & Pigalle44

Ornette Coleman once said: ‘The evolution observed in music is almost a biological fact, comparable to the slow transition from childhood into adulthood. Do you know but one great jazz musician who historically seen isn’t an apprentice?’ The mark of all great musicians in jazz history is their sense of tradition and progress. Stagnation is the death of jazz, and who would want dead music?

Guitarist Reinier Voet sees his role in gypsy jazz in the same perspective. He doesn’t hide the fact that he is a great admirer of Django Reinhardt, but the founder ofthe genre has been dead for over halfa century. And ifhe would have been alive today, he definitely wouldn’t have stopped at the music he had been making in either 1937, 1947 or 1953. He was a restless seeker for new directions on the road he had been taking. Reinier Voet has taken over from him, and has incorporated all of his knowledge of and love for jazz of the intermediate decades, as well as his European roots, into the music of his band Pigalle44.

Gitarist Reinier Voet ziet zijn rol in zigeunerjazz in hetzelfde perspectief. Hij verbergt niet dat hij een grote bewonderaar is van Django Reinhardt, maar de grondlegger van het genre is al meer dan een halve eeuw dood. En als hij vandaag nog zou leven, zou hij zeker niet gestopt zijn bij de muziek die hij in 1937, 1947 of 1953 had gemaakt. Hij was een rusteloze zoeker naar nieuwe richtingen op de weg die hij had genomen. Reinier Voet heeft het van hem overgenomen en heeft al zijn kennis van en liefde voor jazz uit de tussenliggende decennia, evenals zijn Europese roots, verwerkt in de muziek van zijn band Pigalle44.

The starting point for Voet and his comrades (rhythm guitarist Jan Brouwer and bassist Jet Stevens) is the power of expression of a strong melody or a carefully constructed improvisation. One well-placed note can say more than endless strings of notes without a head or a tail. Music needs to communicate, to convey passion and emotion, tell a clear and exciting story. And that is what Pigalle44 is all about. You can hear it in the catchy compositions the leader writes himself, but also in the band’s highly individual interpretations of (lesser known) standards and highlights from the jazz repertoire.

Line Up

  • Reinier Voet
  • Guitar
  • Jan Brouwer
  • Guitar
  • Jet Stevens
  • Bass


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Red Light Jazz 2018 - Reinier Voet en Pigalle44