Jazz Burlesque

Red Light Jazz Society is a young and energetic big band. The band’s musicians come from all over the country and have found each other at or through the Conservatory of Amsterdam. The band is named after the world famous Red Light District of Amsterdam. The Red Light Jazz festival is, of course, the obvious event to perform.

Let yourself get carried away by the sound of the dynamic big band and the virtuoso solos. Because of the swinging repertoire, a mix of classics and new compositions, every concert is guaranteed to be a party, both for the audience and for the band members themselves!

Line Up

  • Saxophone
  • Guus Janssen, Mo van der Does, Gideon Tazelaar, Stan van de Wetering, Jessie Breve
  • Trombone
  • Jeroen Verberne, Sam Thomas, Alex van Abeelen, Bart van Gorp
  • Trumpet
  • Dave Vreuls, Koen Smits, Jenny Thorissen, Tom Ridderbeekx, Thijs v/d Geest
  • Rhythm-section
  • Wouter Kuhne, Sjoerd van Eijck, Gijs Idema, Tijs Klaassen

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Red Light Jazz 2018 - Society