Rayn steps in the future, leaving footsteps from his debut-album A creation from the soul. What a ride it was. Rayn is now working on a follow-up titled Back II Business which will be released world wide, digital & physical, in 2019. Back II Business will contain 10 tracks of 70’s/80’s groove and dance music. It’s a mixture of different soul and funk flavors melted together to form one solid foundation and story. The voice and the lyrics of Rayn are filled with emotion.

Rayn’s music is inspired by legends from the pas, records he listened to in his youth. This inspiration moved him in the right direction to find his groove and melodies. The lyrics of every song are autobiographic.

“People say I’m old-school but I believe an album is a full story which you only will understand and feel if you listen to all songs from the beginning until the end. Especially when the artist writes and creates his own art. So press play and enjoy the ride!”

Rayn wrote lyrics, produced, engineered, edited, programmed, recorded percussion keyboard synths and arranged all the songs, one by one, assisted by a talented team of people. Rayn worked with some of the finest international musicians in his network, including names that worked on his first album. One of them is guitarist Lorijn von Piekartz, who is a regular player at the Bulldog Hotel with his brother Daniel. Lorijn is also known as the guitarist in the band of Dutch singer MAAN. He is also guitarist of the band of The Voice of Holland.

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