Piep en Stok

The duo Piep en Stok consists of guitarist Henk Sprenger and saxophonist Gideon Tazelaar. They met at the Junior Jazz College at the conservatory of Amsterdam. When in 2009 the PIEP-jonge (very young) Gideon was the only one to show up at the lesson of the STOK-oude (very old) Henk, they got the chance to play in duo.

Henk played among others with the Skymasters and the Ramblers. Gideon played with Benjamin Herman and Theo Loevendie and is currently studying at the Juilliard School in New York.

Despite the fact that Gideon now lives abroad, they still play together whenever they get the chance. That will happen on June 7th at the Red Light Jazz Festival at Proeflokaal ‘t Kelkje.

Line Up

  • Gideon Tazelaar
  • Sax
  • Henk Sprenger
  • Guitar

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