Ntjam Rosie

The most recent album Breaking Cycles by Cameroon-born Ntjam Rosie (1983) received raving reviews in all major papers and magazines. English platform Soulandjazz.com chose it for Soul Album of the week and Echoes Magazine voted it best Soul Album of 2017!

Currently Ntjam Rosie is working on her sixth studio album with a new production team consisting of Bart Wirtz, Lucas Meijers and Thomas Eduard. The album will be released in October 2019.

This spring Ntjam Rosie could be admired in 10 Dutch theaters in the successful production of Thijs Borsten, ‘De Uitdaging’, with singer and trumpet player Jeroen Zijlstra. From 30 November she will be touring 40 plus theaters in the Netherlands and Belgium with the production Dear Winnie. Previously Ntjam Rosie has toured with the Artvark Saxophone Quartet (Homelands), was featured in Urban Myth’s ‘We hadden liefde, we hadden wapens’ and most recently she performed in her own theater production ‘Breaking Beats’.

Ntjam Rosie has played on many stages and jazz festivals in the Netherlands – including the North Sea Jazz Festival – and has toured in over 20 countries. She appeared many times on DWDD, Vrije geluiden and other well-known radio and TV programs.


  • Atouba
  • 2008 (Appletree records)
  • Elle
  • 2010 (NtjaMusic/Coast to Coast)
  • Live at Grounds
  • 2012 (Gentle Daze Records/Coast to Coast)
  • At the back of Beyond
  • 2013 (Gentle Daze Records/Coast to Coast)
  • The One
  • 2015 (Gentle Daze Records/Coast to Coast)
  • Never Give Up (EP)
  • 2017 (Gentle Daze Records)
  • Breaking Cycles
  • 2017 (Gentle Daze Records)

Photography © Barry Marré