The sound of Mosquito can best be described as a combination of Funk, R&B, Reggae, Country and Latin Jazz, in which the tight harmonious singing of the band is central.

The Amsterdam band was founded in 2004 by singer/guitarist Theo “Mosquito” Taihitu and drummer/singer Albert “Buddy” la Fonteine. After several changes in the formation, Mosquito really took shape in 2007 when the missing link presented itself: the Venezuelan metal bassist / singer José Gregorio Rangel Abreu, known from the band LABERINTO. By combining the different musical backgrounds of the band members, their passion for tequila and rum, Mosquito has meanwhile developed a style and sound of its own that makes you want to dance.

During Red Light Jazz 2019, Mosquito treats the public on a musical journey that appeals to the imagination, with exhilarating Caribbean rhythms and hilarious but sometimes heart-breaking stories. Always with a wink and a great sense of humor.


  • Theo “Mosquito” Taihitu
  • Vocals, guitar
  • Albert “Buddy” la Fonteine
  • Vocals, drums
  • Gregosaurius-rex Rangel
  • Vocals, bass

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