Michael Varekamp & Men in jazz

Michael Varekamp(1968) was born in Rotterdam with roots in Trinidad & Tobago. When he is 10 years old he hears a record of Louis Armstrong and decides than and there that he’s got to be a trumpet player. Michael finds his way and becomes a performer, bandleader and writer with worldwide recognition. His concerts are intense ceremonies and they take you back to the glory days of jazz. Varekamp performed in Jazz at Lincoln Center, received the Kobe Award in Japan for outstanding talent. Recently Michael worked with Branford Marsalis

  • ‘An astonishing sound and beautiful phrasing, to the honor and glory of jazz. …’

    (Le Monde, Paris)

  • ‘A dazzling lexicon of trumpet playing….’

    (Wales Evening Post)

Line Up

  • Michael Varekamp
  • Trompet/Vocals
  • Dmitri Shapko
  • Tenor
  • Mark van der Feen
  • Piano
  • Vincent Kuiper
  • Double Bass
  • Ben Schröder
  • Drums

website: michaelvarekamp.nl

More quotes en links:

  • ‘Louis Armstrong herleeft in trompetspel Varekamp…’

    (NRC Handelsblad)

  • ‘It will be interesting to watch his progress to the jazz hall of fame……’
    (Wales Evening Post)

  • ‘A dazzling lexicon of jazz trumpet playing……’

    (The Herald Tribune)

  • ‘His performances breath the atmosphere of the glory days of jazz…’
    (Algemeen Dagblad)

  • ‘His vocals, whispering playing and beautiful composition where the highlights of the evening in the Concertgebouw…’