Maestro Matyas is a young, enthusiastic pianist from Hungary. He has been playing the piano since childhood. He completed eight years of classical piano training at the Kodály Zoltán Zeneeskola in Budapest. In the 6 years that followed, Matyas followed additional education at the same institute, including a 2-year training as a jazz pianist. He was a pianist in several bands, where he mastered some very different styles of music, from pop and rock to ska and even punk.

Matyas plays spontaneous improvisations that move through the boundaries of classical, blues, jazz, boogie-woogie and rock & roll, taking inspiration from his great examples Keith Jarrett (jazz), Luca Sestak (blues and boogie-woogie) and Jerry Lee Lewis (rock ‘n roll). The motto of Matyas is: “Straight from the heart and soul, leaving the rules behind for the flow. Entertaining, therapeutic and expressive!”

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