Laura Sestri trio & DJ Liv sublime

The band members found each other in the center of Amsterdam and had an immediate click. These world citizens with a broad view on music, leaning on the fundaments of jazz, are new on the list of participants at this year’s Red Light Jazz festival. This international ensemble has a very particular concept. During the night the band will be moving gradually from true jazz towards the tender heartbeats of Liv Sublime’s electronic set.

The vocalist of the group, Laura Sestri (1986) initially made her breakout debut in 2004 when she released her first album Magua that is characterized by symphonic rock. Since then, Laura has expanded her repertoire by performing in choirs, musical theater, on festivals, as well as in jazz- and rock bands. Meanwhile she was following (mainly private) vocal classes for 9 years. She had worked for the production team of Massive Music. As the vocalist of the group Artificial Happiness, Laura performed during the openings of exhibitions, at night clubs, underground parties, business dinners, fashion shows and at festivals like Dance Valley, Mysteryland, Tomorrowland (Belgium), Neu Am See, Beesenstedt and Art Lake (Germany).

She has also provided background vocals for Trijntje Oosterhuis and performed at Club Dauphine.

Laura, before returning to her homeland, spent the last six years in Israel. There she sang in the booming Israeli wedding industry and met Liv Sublime. This couple connected through their passion and their roads never parted ever since.

Liv Sublime (1978) spent her early childhood in Rehovot Israel. The vinyl that was played at home introduced her to classic music as well as reggae, rock, jazz and blues. It created a profound love for music. Liv Sublime, formerly known as Sublime / Anonymous Kaktoo, worked as a dj/producer at Moksha for 7 years. In 2002 her hit song ‘Ano-Kaktoo’ was a breakthrough that opened the doors to Europe and Asia. For years she toured these continents as a trance dj. For the past years she has build up a new oeuvre, with her own unique genre that originates in techno, electronica, deephouse and has traces of trance. She had been looking for the voice for her music until she found Laura.

Now Liv and Laura are being hired to perform at exclusive private events in Israel and Europe together. In Holland they perform at festivals such as SexyLand and also in Paradiso.

Although Laura’s voice has a somewhat angelic character it only gives it it’s own unique touch to the legendary classic jazz standards. Jazz and Electronic music combined brings out the best in both. To increase her skills in jazz Laura participated in many jazz jams throughout the city and connected with two other members of this group:

Guitarist Gianfranco Mascayano (1986) was born in Valparaiso / Chile and raised in Sweden. This gave him the opportunity to grow up surrounded by a sea of cultural and musical identities. Gian began playing Latin American music/classical guitar at early age and soon gravitated toward jazz and other improvised music. At age 15 Gian was accepted to the 3 year Jazz High school program at Vasaskolan/ Gävle, where graduated after 3 years of intense education from Sweden’s finest jazz musicians and educators, with some of the most talented up and coming jazz musicians of Scandinavia. At this point Gian was still a serious break-dancer, which has strongly influenced his approach and taste for rhythm. After graduating high school Gian spent his teens playing and touring with Jazz, Funk, Latin, Hiphop, Reggae bands across Europe, while touring the world on some of the most prestigious Cruise Ships in the world. After intense touring and traveling and winning competitions such as “Universal Guitarist”, Gian decided to finalize his Jazz guitar performance degree at the Conservatorium Van Amsterdam. . Gian is currently based in Amsterdam leading his own jazz quartet and freelancing in various projects in a wide variety of genres and constellations”

Double bass player Hendrik Müller (1986) comes from Germany. He began his musical carrier at the age of 6 when he started classical piano lessons. At the age of 14 he began taking classical double bass lessons and joined the local Youth Orchestra and the local youth Big Band. Still the piano was considered as his main instrument until the age of 20. During his stay as an exchange student in the USA in 2003/04 he discovered his fascination for jazz.

In 2010 Hendrik began to study jazz double-bass and electric-bass at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg. In 2016 he finished his master in music at the conservatory of Amsterdam. Now he is an active part of the Amsterdam jazz scene.

Line Up

  • Laura Sestri
  • Zang
  • Gian Mascayano
  • Gitaar
  • Hendrik Mueller
  • Contrabas
  • Liv Sublime
  • DJ

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Laura-Sestri-Trio-feat-Liv-Sublime op het Red Light Jazz festiva 2018