Kruidkoek (Spice cake) is a derailed childhood dream. Four good friends found their musical outlet in a band with which they stretch their boundaries and broaden their horizons without any concessions and with noticeable pleasure. Dance videos, jazz clubs, self-built light boxes, pop festivals, poets, children’s performances, arguing in the studio and smiling in the tour bus.

They have renamed their own mix of jazz, rock and Tarantino films into GarageJazz. Hints of Zappa, Ploctones, Rudder, Bowie, Beatles and Nirvana can be heard, and that should give you some indication of the versatility of Kruidkoek’s sound oeuvre. But don’t be confused: it remains dynamic instrumental music full of improvisation with saxophone, guitar, bass and drums. Played live with a lot of character and through a whole zipper of prominent effects.

During their adventure, the boys from Kruidkoek have already performed in quite a few venues in the Netherlands like Paradiso, the Melkweg, the Bimhuis, Jazz in Duketown, Rotterdam Jazz International and the Popronde.

2020 has heralded the release of the new album, named after their own genre description GarageJazz. In 2019 they recorded it in collaboration with Matthijs Kievit, who has already earned his spurs in the creative musical Netherlands with clients such as Klangstof, Kapok, Blaudzun and Luwten. Ten new pieces took shape in the coming weeks and were played in the Schenk Studio in Amsterdam. No lengthy cut-and-paste sessions afterwards, but really played one-takers, in one room with amps on. This approach was chosen to convey the live energy to the record and to convey the sense of tension and improvisation. The sound had to be thick and unpolished, and allow for the dynamics of the band. Matthijs in turn, as a fifth band member, has shifted considerably with effects and the result is impressive. With Garage Jazz, Kruidkoek shows to be a versatile band that is ready for the future!

Line up

  • Nick Feenstra
  • Sax
  • Tijmen Kooiker
  • Guitar
  • Reindert Kragt
  • Bass
  • Bram Knol
  • Drums