Kelvin Allison started singing at a young age, played in musicals and proved to be a true chameleon in the music industry. He studied music and reached the final of The X-Factor in 2010. In the meantime he became an artist, singer, entertainer, lyricist, composer, producer and pianist.

Kelvin was part of the successful DJ formation Kris Kross Amsterdam of the brothers Jordy and Sander Huisman, not to be confused with the well-known American rap duo Kris Kross. After a few years, Kelvin opted for a solo career. As a copywriter/composer, Kevin has worked with DJ Maike Mago, UK’s Tough Love, Norwegian producer Jesper Borgen, DJ / producer LVNDSCAPE and the band Causes.

On Saturday evening June 8, Kevin performs at the Bulldog Hotel with guitarist Lorijn von Piekartz. Together with his brother Daniel, Lorijn is a regular player at the Bulldog Hotel. Lorrijn is also known as the guitarist in the band of the Dutch singer MAAN. He is also the guitarist of the band of The Voice of Holland.

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