Caravan Sessions

In Caravan Sessions pianist and composer Julian Schneemann invites musical friends to join him in his adventure; a face to face with musicians from all genres and backgrounds. In changing duos, the artists hear, challenge and inspire each other to discover new musical worlds. On this special night, De Waalse Kerk (The Walloon Church) will form the inspiring scene for several duo sets, with guest such as the Turkish ney-player and singer Sinan Arat and the Italian accordionist Simone Bottasso.

Julian Schneemann (1992) was raised by classical musicians, educated by jazz masters and surrounded by popular culture. Working with musicians from all over the globe, he learned from all kinds of cultures, like Arabic, African, South American and Indian.  All these influences have been formative for his musical identity and in his imaginative piano playing and composing, Julian likes to exploit this diversity.

Currently, Julian’s main focus is on his project Caravan: A journey through the worlds of classical, jazz and folk. Since the start of the project in 2017, the group has played at the great stages in the Netherlands, like the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, Paradiso, De Doelen and the Bimhuis, and festivals like the Grachtenfestival and November Music. The group played live on national TV and performed their music on radio several times. No matter where they play or for whom, they make the audience cry, laugh and dream about places they have never been.

Line Up

  • Julian Schneemann
  • Piano
  • Sinan Arat
  • Ney
  • Dusty Ciggaar
  • Guitar
  • Simone Bottasso
  • Accordion
Jilian-schneemann-and-friends-caravan sessions