Jasper van ’t Hof

In December 2018, jazz pianist Jasper van ’t Hof (Enschede, 1947) received the prestigious Buma Boy Edgar Prize, the top award in the Netherlands in the field of jazz and improvised music. It marked a well-deserved recognition for his impressive oeuvre, across 50 years of professional music. Van ‘t Hof has proven himself through the decades as be a genre-transcending instrumentalist and composer on piano as well as synthesizers and other keyboards. Jazz has always been a broad concept for Van ’t Hof, who has masterfully moved within all styles, from free bop to jazz rock, free-jazz and fusion. Even after 50 years, he cannot be pinned down to a particular direction.

While Jasper van ‘t Hof is as Dutch as Leyden cheese, he started performing abroad early on in his career. Especially our eastern neighbors didn’t take long to acknowledge Jasper as a great musician, with a strong stage presence. Jasper has the so called X-Factor. Wherever he performs, something extraordinary always seems to take place. That will not be any different on Saturday, September 4th in The Walloon Church as Jasper takes a seat behind the beautiful Bösendorfer grand piano in the church.

Line Up

  • Jasper van ’t Hof
  • Piano