Hanna Marieke (1996) released her debut album Rhythms of Grace at the start of this summer. In this concert, she introduces you to her music and takes you with her on a poetic journey. Together with her trio (piano, double bass and drums) she plays lyrical jazz compositions with a gentle touch of classical and gospel music. Throughout the concert she tells personal stories that weave into the music.

“My music is a vulnerable expression of my heart. I absorb everything in my surroundings very consciously; from the most beautiful moments in nature, to the most difficult situations in life. I always look for light, hope, grace and beauty. I translate that journey into jazz music and honest stories. With what I create, I want to take you with me on that humbling road.”

Hanna Marieke Govers- van Dijk was born in the vibrant Amsterdam. At age nine, she took her first classical piano lesson. With a great love for music, Hanna experienced joy and passion in these lessons. However, she had always wanted to learn how to improvise and compose. In her teenage years, she became interested in jazz because of the famous singer Norah Jones, after which she enjoyed two years of jazz piano lessons at Mark van der Feen. Upon turning seventeen, she was accepted at the conservatory in Utrecht to study Jazz & Pop piano under Bert van den Brink and Rembrandt Frerichs. After graduating in 2018, she met the amazing musicians Timo Menkveld and Ruben Bekx with whom she decided to pursue her dream.

Listen to her album on: Spotify


  • Hanna Marieke
  • Piano
  • Ruben Bekx
  • Double bass
  • Timo Menkveld
  • Drums