Gare du Nord

“High energy soul and sexy jazz from one of the best live bands in the Netherlands”

Gare du Nord guarantees packed venues and a full energy up-tempo show. With over sixty shows a year, Gare du Nord has grown into a dazzling live band with the originally Italian singer Dorona Alberti as the shining center. Dorona is not only one of the best singers in the Netherlands; with her sexy live act she knows how to move everyone in the audience.

Gare du Nord sold 500,000 albums and received triple platinum in 2014 for the albums Sex ‘n’ Jazz (2007) and Love For Lunch (2009). Gare du Nord is the only Dutch band under contract with the New York record label Blue Note Records and scored international hits with Marvin & Miles, Beautiful Day, Pablo’s Blues and You’re My Medicine, with a vocal contribution of soullegende Marvin Gaye.

Sex ‘n’ Jazz is the best-selling Dutch jazz album ever. Last year Blue Note released a jubilee edition on vinyl: A Decade of Sex ‘n’ Jazz (2017). A cause for celebration.

Line Up

  • Dorona Alberti
  • Vocals
  • Aron Raams
  • Guitar
  • Ferry Lagendijk
  • Keys
  • Floris van der Vlugt
  • Sax
  • Marc Schenk
  • Drums
  • Guus Bakker
  • Bass

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