Have you always wanted to hear free jazz improvisation on Wayne Shorter, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Pop Songs or Scandinavian Jazz ‘Norwegian Wood Style’ on Sunday mornings instead of psalms and hymns or those boring TV programs. The duo Jessie Breve (sax) & Freek Mulder (double bass) make your Sunday start unforgettable.

With their small line-up of double bass and saxophone, these last-minute replacements of Jazz The Two of Us (bass player Lito unfortunately got injured) approach the songs with peace and quietness, so that every note matters. Honesty is central to their improvisations. Less is more. The latter is quite nice on the Sunday morning for those jazz lovers who still have some problems with the Saturday night RLJ excesses. Hard heads become soft again due to healing jazz sounds. A symbiosis that guides the listener on unknown paths. But no worries getting lost. You will stay at Red Light Jazz Amsterdam.

Line Up

  • Jessie Breve
  • Sax
  • Freek Mulder
  • Double bass

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