DJ’s & JAMM FM hosting by Daniel Zondervan

These last years, Daniel Zondervan has seen far more radio stations inside than the average radio nerd. He has his roots in the radio scene in Hoorn. The undeniable energy of Daniel’s program is an unmissable radio experience. Daniel surprises you with funky records that are not ordinary. In fact, you can request them yourself (within the funky / disco style) and then he will play these for you immediately.

For Red Light Jazz he takes his music collection to Bar TwentySeven and you’ll get a live taste of his favourite tracks and requests.

Daniel can be heard on Jamm FM on: Every Sunday from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm with the Sunday Classic Request. And between 10 PM and midnight with the Sunday Classic Request part 2.
Listen to last week’s podcast via.

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