DJ Maestro grew up in a musical family. At a young age he learned to play the violin. He was part of various orchestras. While studying musicology at the University of Utrecht, Maestro developed new passions: jazz and radio. He exchanged his violin for a job with the national jazz radio. In the meantime, he discovered the party scene and fell in love again; in love with the beats, in love with the lifestyle, in love with the late nights and early mornings. His love for classical, jazz and club music resulted in this special musical phenomenon: DJ Maestro.

Bas van Lier is inspired by heavy “soul jazz cats” such as Les McCann and Ramsey Lewis. Combine his love for contemporary R&B and his knowledge of traditional jazz heroes and you get a unique sound; powerful, bluesy and at the same time subtle. Van Lier stands out with his catchy melodies and catchy sense of rhythm. This makes him not only appreciated by true jazz connoisseurs, but also by a young audience!

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