Over the years BRUUT! has made people sweat, shout and most importantly dance, all the way from Nagasaki to the West Frisian Islands. Mean Hammond sounds, hard grooves and 60s surf rock merge into a danceable mix. In almost 10 years the band released four albums: BRUUT! (2012), Fire (2013), Mad Pack (2015), Superjazz (2017); and received an Edison nomination.

BRUUT! is much more than just jazz.

In November 2018 Dox Records has released the fifth album of BRUUT! titled V.

Line Up

  • Maarten Hogenhuis
  • Saxophone
  • Folkert Oosterbeek
  • Hammond
  • Thomas Rolff
  • Bouble bass
  • Felix Schlarmann
  • Drums

Fotografie © Sanja Marusic

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