BRASSOciety is a New Orleans inspired Neo Brass Band made up of players from different ensembles across the Netherlands. Combining the energetic New Orleans Brass Band style with the inherent European style of the players BRASSOciety brings jazz, blues and modern popsongs. Watch and enjoy their Red Brass Parade Jazz on Sunday afternoon June 9 in the Warmoesstraat.

Line up

  • Davey Smaal
  • Trumpet, vocals
  • Frank Eisenga
  • Snaredrum, vocals
  • Gerrit van Loon
  • Trumpet, vocals
  • Jeroen Verveer
  • Altsax, vocals
  • Joyce Voesenek
  • Tenor sax
  • Marcel van Zanten
  • Sousaphone
  • Marco van den Boogaard
  • Trombone
  • Sander van der Klei
  • Bassdrum, vocals

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