André Vrolijk is a 4th generation professional accordionist with his roots deep in Amsterdam.
His great-grandfather, grandfather and father played in all possible places in ‘Mokum’ in all kind of musical combinations, including being part of a duo with drums! And that is exactly what will happen with percussionist/drummer Jeroen de Rijk this Friday September 3rd in the legendary Café Casablanca at the Red Light Jazz Festival.

André and Jeroen have known each other for at least 20 years and have been working together regularly ever since. Together they performed in the Toppers concept; André as musical director of the unparalleled Zwanenkoor (Swan Choir) and Jeroen as the percussionist in the band.

In 2004 André recorded his solo CD Getting Sentimental on Jeroen’s record label ‘Baileo Music Productions’. This summer they did 5 duo concerts in the sculpture garden of the Singer Museum in Laren. They played a wonderful mix of Jazz, Musettes, Tangos and Bossa Novas of the CD Getting Sentimental. André and Jeroen will play that music again on September 3rd at Café Casablanca. Original Amsterdam repertoire will be featured also!

However individual virtuoso the two gentlemen are, the emphasis will be on playing together. The target? Merge with the crowd!

Line up

  • André Vrolijk
  • Accordion
  • Jeroen de Rijk
  • Percussion/ drums